Alarm Response Montreal

Alarm Response Montreal

Alarm Response Services Montreal, Quebec

Montreal Elite Security provides 24/7 alarm response service to commercial and private facilities. Our reliable, uniformed security officers are available to promptly respond in case of alarm activation, attend the premises on your behalf, deal with any problems that may have occurred from the alarm activation and take the necessary steps to ensure the premise is secure.

Our alarm response services include:
  • Exterior tour of the facility checking for signs of break-in or damage
  • Interior check of the property, if requested
  • Check all doors and windows for security breaches
  • Shut off and reset the alarm system
  • Remain on site until the issue is taken care of and the facility is secure
  • Notify the police and the client if needed

In the event of a false alarm, we aim to identify the cause of the activation and secure the premises quickly and efficiently. A comprehensive report is written, outlining the incident that has occurred and what action was taken.

Most alarm activations occur at night, often in foul weather, and usually after business hours and on week-ends. The alarm response service is an emergency call-out service that will relieve you of the time consuming, inconvenient and potentially dangerous need to attend an alarm.

The alarm response service is a very cost effective alternative to the high expense of having the police or other emergency services respond, especially in case of a false alarm.

For more information about our alarm response service please contact us