Residential Security Montreal

Residential Security Services Montreal, Quebec

Apartments and Condominium Security and Concierge Services

Protecting premises and the integrity of residential buildings, as well as safeguarding the residents and their assets are always a priority for us. We take pride in providing professional security services to protect against:
  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Intruders and Trespassing
  • Break-in and entering
We understand that each community and building has different security needs; therefore, we adapt our service according to the client's specific needs and expectations. Our custom-made services include:
  • Provide assistance to residents with reduced mobility
  • Access control management
  • Reception and customer service
  • Hotel-style concierge services to condominium residents
  • Directing visitors
  • Receiving packages and deliveries while residents are away
  • Resolve conflict situations
  • Parking enforcement services on private property
  • Mechanical room monitoring
  • Safety and security foot patrols
  • Building rules and regulations enforcement
  • Supervise move-ins and move-outs
Advantages of security presence on the premises:
  • Make daily property management easy and efficient
  • Prevent offenders from targeting the building
  • Reduce potential damage
  • Reduce the risks of armed robbery and vandalism
  • Quick response to building emergencies such as water leak, intrusion or fire alarm
  • First Aid and CPR assistance
  • Provide a comfortable environment for the residents
  • Enhance the reputation of the property